In-Game Chat

In-game chat is fairly basic. The chat window is permanently anchored in the lower left side of the main screen of the game, and is always visible. All game messages appear in green text. World chat appears in white text. Clan chat appears in blue text. Whenever you log in, the following text appears in the chat window:

Rules: Please respect the other players. No personal attacks, excessive profanity, hate speech, spam, or links allowed. Final Eden chat is uncensored, and may contain harsh language and aggressive taunts. You can choose not to view chat by disabling this feature from the Chat Settings button. Commands: /c (Clan) /g (group) /w (world)

To join a group, left-click the name of any player in the chat window. A window will appear with several options. Select "Invite to Group" and the player will see a dialogue box with your invitation. When you are in a group, a small window appears on the right side of the screen displaying the usernames of other players in your group. Joining a group does not confer any gameplay advantages - the only benefit is access to a private chat channel.

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